Fastest iPhone Repair in Ottawa

Super Fast

No more waiting days or even weeks for a fixed iPhone through your carrier or another third party – we’ve got technicians on-site and can get your phone fixed within the hour!

We Fix It All!

We’ve got high quality components in stock and can fix almost any issue (except logic board issues) within a day or a few hours. Before giving up on your older device, be sure to get in touch we may be able to fix it!

Full Warranty

We want you to have total peace of mind and know your phone is in good hands. That’s why we back up all our service and parts with a standard 30 day warranty. This doesn’t however, cover you dropping your phone and breaking it again!

 What’s wrong with your phone?

iPhone Screen Repair Done Same Day!

Fixing your iPhone has never been easier for Apple users in the National Capital Region. We know Apple, Rogers and other carriers make the process less than pleasurable and our goal is to change that. The more you use your phone, the more likely it’ll fall out of your pocket and the LCD screen will crack, so there is certainly demand out there for a quick and affordable solution to these type of hardware problems.

Our process is simple and straight forward – bring your phone into our local Ottawa cell phone repair shop and our technicians can diagnose your phone for free and let you know what the issue is. If your screen isn’t cracked but the front display doesn’t seem to be functioning we can still help. Often you may drop your phone and the inner connections become dislodged or damaged but the front display will be intact. In this case we can take apart your phone and see exactly what the problem is and what the quickest most affordable solution will be.

iPhone Battery Problems? We’ve Got The Solution

Probably one of the most common problems we see from Ottawa area Apple users is those with older phones suffering from substantially weak batteries. Despite being charged overnight, if you can’t last the entire day without hitting the red, you are probably pretty frustrated. This is definitely a fixable problem, and our technicians can get a brand new OEM battery installed in your iPhone within 20 minutes most of the time (depends also on how busy we are as well).