iPhone Battery Replacement Done On The Spot

Even if you’ve managed to hold onto your phone for a year or two without a cracked or smashed screen or other hardware disaster, you’re probably annoyed with the faltering battery life and looking for a solution. Our friendly technicians see this quite often, and whether it’s a weak battery or an outright dead device, we can get it fixed in less than an hour in our Ottawa shop.

Easy Ways To Improve Overall Phone Battery Life

If you’ve got a bad battery and want an easy way to get through the day without hitting the red on your battery indicator, we’ve got you covered with a few quick tips even the most newbie Apple user could implement today.

Dimming the device backlight can be one of the easiest ways to make sure you use less battery power every hour when you are low on battery already – ~30% is what we are calling low. Simply swipe down, and slide the brightness meter lower.

Disable Bluetooth. There are tons of nifty Bluetooth enabled gadgets such as a speakerphone for your car or a mobile speaker, but keeping them enabled for hours on end can really drain your overall battery life, especially in conjunction with heavy 4G data usage. Turn this off when you get to a low battery percentage and you can squeeze more out of your phone before it gives out.

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