Ottawa iPhone Screen Repairs

Broken and cracked screens that stop you from being able to text, call or are generally annoying can be fixed quickly, and without breaking the bank by our friendly and experienced technicians. For users still hanging onto older devices that are likely sporting an expired Apple Warranty, then this is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to keep an older device up and running. Too many times we’ve heard of Rogers, Fido or another Canadian cellular carrier taking weeks to fix minimal phone screen damage. Alternatively, getting an iPhone 5 fixed by Apple seems almost impossible as they would much prefer to upsell you on a brand new iPhone 6S+ or 7.

On-Site Service

In a rush? We can send one of our technicians out to your location, or a public spot that’s convenient and get your phone screen fixed right in front of you.

Professional Technicians

All the technicians we hire, we’ve extensively vetted for repairs on all popular mobile devices – from the iPod to the iPad, and even popular Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy.

Screen Repair Prices

  • iPhone 4/4S  – $60

  • iPhone 5/5S/5C/SE – $89

  • iPhone 6 – $99

  • iPhone 6+ – $129

  • iPhone 6S – $149

  • iPhone 6S+ – $179

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